24 Sept - Tilt and shift

Walking The Spa

I have been minimalising my life recently and one of the key issues has been carrying too much camera gear. I therefore carry a maximum of 2 lenses at present, although these can change. One day in August I took just a 45mm tilt and shift lens into Scarborough and experimented with tight depth of field. It is interesting to do this and try and see the world in a different way. It is interesting how ou miss the lenses you have not got until you get into it, when the challenge takes over. I learned a lot by doing this, even though I have used T&S lenses for years.

Scarborough South Bay study 2

Wave along the wall

23 Sept - Hunmanby Gap

Hunmanby Gap study 5

I dashed here for the sunrise today when there was a hint of pink developing. This was one of the occasions that my weather forecasting sites on the net had let me down predicting complete cloud clover. Unfortunately the full moon last night was completely hidden by clouds once again - I checked throughout the night! That means I have not managed a single photo of the full moon or by it's light this year so far as there has been cloud cover every full moon. Well there is always next month.

Hunmanby Gap has a cafe and not much else, except vast beaches - the best place for locals in summer as the tourists do not flock here as much as Filey and Scarborough.
High tide was only a couple of hours before I arrived and so it was still up. The sea was calm and so I even photographed from within it. This is helped by the beach being rather flat. There are no rocks and so one has to create foreground interest, such as using patterns in the sand as shown here.

22 Sept - Filey

Filey pool study 1

There is a swimming pool along the seafront at the Glen Gardens end. I have wanted to photograph it for a long time, but never got round to it. In winter it is empty.

This is processed with a blue filter to highlight the contrast between the pool and its surrounds. I also wanted the sea in the background - blurred by long exposures of 30, 60 and 120 seconds, blended as an HDR in Photomatix Pro and then monochromed in Photochop and tinted in Lightroom.

21 Sept - Aldbrough - coastal erosion

Aldbrough - Road to nowhere

Another village on the East Yorkshire coast. There is a caravan park and little else. Bleak in winter it has good Holderness cliffs to walk along as access to the beach is difficult. The village is just inland but as the photo below shows the sea is getting closer.

The Holderness coast is one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe, losing an average of 2 metres per year. Underlying the cliffs is Cretaceous chalk, but it is the glacial till (soft boulder clay) that is being eroded.

20 Sept - Withernsea

On annual leave or a few days. Managed to take the whole day for me and went to Withernsea, where I spent all mornng on the beach. I love the solitude one can find just roaming on the sand and looking out to sea, listening to the waves and the gulls. Unfortunately one usually meets dogs and their masters/mistresses. Sometimes one even meets the presents they leave. Withernsea has a beach that is supposedly not for dogs, but as usual I met no-one to stop them and it seems to me that many dog owners come with a lable of not being able to read - certainly the dogs can't.
I spoke to only one person and she was picking up the litter in the 'protected' part of the beach - she said she did this voluntarily - good for her. Sad though that she has to do it because of our inability to see and appreciate beauty without the need to deface it.

Withernsea beach study 1

19 September - Lots of new photos due

I am adding lots of new photos to the website in the next couple of days. This is because I have finally finished processing the photos from my trip to Scotland, and I have decided to put more local Yorkshire coast images on as I am being requested for a lot that used to be there or I have not added.

Bridlington South Bay beach