28 April - Muston moths

A streamer (Anticlea derivata) was in the trap along with 17 hebrew characters and 1 common quaker. Perhaps the wet weather is keeping most of the moths away.

This bluebottle (Calliphora vomitoria) was resting on a sycamore tree trunk warming up in the early morning.

26 April - Muston moths

A garden carpet (Xanthorrhoe fluctuata) was attracted by the moth trap and there was a dark form water carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata piceata) again.

Star of the show was a common pug (Eupithecia vulgata).

Tipula oleracea and a single Limonia flavipes demonstrating its characteristic bobbing up and down on a wall by the moth trap were the craneflies seen.

25 April - Muston

A beautiful spring day. I heard and saw my first cuckoo of the year in trees at the bottom of the garden. The honey bees were out in force and the number and species of hoverflies have increased, including this Rhingia campestris.

The first garden carpet (Xanthorrhoe fluctuata) of the year attended the moth trap and there was a dark form water carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata piceata).

This common damsel bug (Nabis rugosus) was a new species to my camera. It is a predator that lives in dry grasslands.

Drone fly (Eristalis pertinax).

24 April - Muston moths

A waved umber (Menophra abruptaria)

and another water carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata) were accompanied by 6 hebrew characters, 7 common quakers, 7 clouded drab, one early grey, a small quaker, a red chestnut, and a streamer.

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23 April - Muston moths

St. George's day was greeted by the first water carpet (Lampropteryx suffumata) of the year and a garden snail (Cornu aspersum).

22 April - Muston moths

In the last few days the only moth of note was a streamer (Anticlea derivata).

19 April - Muston

Walking around the village and the local fields a velvet mite (Eutrombidium rostratus) crossed the mud path. Diptera species were definitely more prevalent, including these sawflies (see both pics on the right).

On the village green there was a hawthorn shield bug (Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale).

18 April - Muston

The moth counts have been miserable with a few hebrew characters, early greys , common quakers and clouded drabs. Nothing new mainly due to the cold fog that has plagued the east coast this week.

The highlight was this adult common frog (Rana temporaria).

13 April - Fairburn Ings

A warm Easter Monday with the family. There were several butterflies - green-veined white, orange-tip, small tortoiseshell and peacock.
A greenbottle (Lucilia caesar) posed (see above)
as did several alder fly (Sialis lutaria).

Black bean aphid (Aphis fabae).

Coltsfoot were at their best and enjoyed by several diptera species.

12 April - Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Several flowers including primrose (Primula vulgaris), common dog violet (Viola riviniana) and wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa).

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07 April Muston moths

The best night so far this year with another garden first - a twin-spotted quaker (Orthosia munda).

Totals were 2 early thorn (Selenia dentaria), 15 hebrew characters (Orthosia gothica), 11 common quakers (Orthosia cerasi), 1 powdered quaker (Orthosia gracilis), 3 clouded drab (Orthosia incerta), 2 red chestnuts (Cerastis rubricosa) and an early grey (Xylocampa areola).

06 April Muston moths

Muston moths

A good night with the first early thorns of the year.

Totals were 3 early thorn (Selenia dentaria), 15 hebrew characters (Orthosia gothica), 11 common quakers (Orthosia cerasi), 2 powdered quaker (Orthosia gracilis), 3 clouded drab (Orthosia incerta) and a red chestnut (Cerastis rubricosa).

05 April Muston-Filey

A walk from Muston to Filey and back with the family allowed a few shots of insects. Butterflies were more noticeable with peacocks, small tortoiseshell and several green-veined white.
Honey bees were all around, as were bumble bees and the occasional hoverfly.

04 April Muston moths

Muston Moths

The first powdered quaker (Orthosia gracilis) of the year was accompanied by 6 common quaker, 1 clouded drab, 11 hebrew characters, and an early grey.