17 July 11 Photo of the day - Cayton Bay

Cayton Bay sunrise III
On the sands by 0315 this morning I watched it get light and then there was a super sunrise. This is a panoramic stitch of 3 images blended and cropped in CS5.

09 July 2011 - Why do we do it to ourselves?

Filey Brigg sunrise
A landscape photographer has to take advantage of the golden hour, or so the books say. Today I got up at 3am and drove to the coast 5 minutes from my house. I then descended the cliffs and walked out to the end of a rocky promontory to watch and photograph dawn and sunrise. I spent time looking for the shot I wanted and then was watched myself by a grey seal and a flock of common eider that I could almost have touched. There was silence except for the waves, the gulls and the occasional oystercatcher. I did not see another human being until I was walking back to the car when 3 fishermen walked passed me.
So why did I get up so early knowing I will be tired for the next couple of days? Whilst getting there I asked this constantly, especially when the alarm clock went off, but once I was there I knew the answer and returned fulfilled. Then when I viewed the images on my computer I knew that in a couple of days I will do it all again.

Peeping over the horizon