Motivations and appreciation change

Cornelian Bay 1

Having set out as a bird photographer and moved through insects and to colour landscapes, a couple of years ago I moved into fine art monochrome photographs. Then I realised that monochrome images were much more my thing, with me defining an image as something that is created from a photograph and a photograph as something that is taken and minimally manipulated. I then moved back into pastel colour photographs, but now I realise that what really turns me on are monochrome images.

Cornelian Bay 2

 I love long exposures or dramatic skies, in monochrome squares. I love the 2:1 format and I love the 5:4 format. I am not that partial to the 3:2 format. I also realise that I love playing with the photograph trying to create my vision both in taking the photo and then manipulating it to create the image in my mind. So imminently I am removing all colour from my website and putting monochrome images on it. The colour photos will still be available to those who want them, but I take and display images for me.

Scarborough Spa

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