20 Sept - Withernsea

On annual leave or a few days. Managed to take the whole day for me and went to Withernsea, where I spent all mornng on the beach. I love the solitude one can find just roaming on the sand and looking out to sea, listening to the waves and the gulls. Unfortunately one usually meets dogs and their masters/mistresses. Sometimes one even meets the presents they leave. Withernsea has a beach that is supposedly not for dogs, but as usual I met no-one to stop them and it seems to me that many dog owners come with a lable of not being able to read - certainly the dogs can't.
I spoke to only one person and she was picking up the litter in the 'protected' part of the beach - she said she did this voluntarily - good for her. Sad though that she has to do it because of our inability to see and appreciate beauty without the need to deface it.

Withernsea beach study 1
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